Double Ankle / Achilles / Foot Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

Double Ankle / Achilles / Foot Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

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Our Double Ankle / Foot Ice Pack and Ice Wrap provides bilateral coverage, compression and a customized fit for injuries of the ankle and foot. This Ankle Ice Wrap is ideal for treating sprained ankles and Achilles tendon injury, two of the most common injuries for athletes and non-athletes alike. The ice wrap uses two ice bags to completely surround the ankle or Achilles with cold compression.

Icing an ankle injury promotes blood flow and reduces inflamation for faster healing. Physical Therapists and athletic trainers strongly recommend ice for controlling ankle pain and ankle injuries. The Proseries Double Ankle Wrap is specifically designed to reduce pain and inflamation and increase healing time from ankle sprains to achilles tendon injuries.

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2 reviews for Double Ankle / Achilles / Foot Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

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    I have used both gel and ice packs in the past, and the Proseries Ice Wrap has given me the quickest relief from my ankle pain. As a basketball player I am constantly putting pressure on my ankles and I have made it a point to ice them down after every workout. This ice wrap has made a world of difference in my recovery time!

    – John Clampton

  2. 5 out of 5


    After having a ruptured achilles repaired surgically I was laid up for about a week. Being able to put a gel pack on for 15 min then get up and get it back in the freezer wasn’t do-able. Wet ice was colder and this setup, with some water/ice in bags gave no cold-spots. Plus when I was done, take it off, drop it on the floor and refill it an hour or two later. Never leaked, very well made. My recovery from torn achilles to skiing and running took just over 4 months. I think this helped dramatically.

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